About Us

Let me tell you why we believe Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC is your best choice when selecting a payroll service based in southern / central New Hampshire. We service clients located in NH, CT, MA, RI, VT, and ME and are able to handle tax filings for all 50 states. 

My name is Del R. Aube, President/sole owner of this payroll service bureau. Simply put, I and my knowledgeable staff we are totally committed to YOU!

Our mission is to deliver the BEST VALUE in the INDUSTRY!

Being successful at doing so means pairing our unparalleled commitment to delivering extraordinary service at a fair to modest price i.e., a rate structure that is not only competitive but actually lower than many of our competitors. In fact our current inflation adjusted rates mirror the prices that I was charging when I first entered the industry in 1987. Now ask yourself: how many companies can make that claim? Having been of service to over 2500 small to medium sized business clients since 1987, my knowledgeable staff and I have a proven track record of excellence and experience.

Unlike far too many companies today, Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC does not answer your calls with an automated phone attendant. We have one of our knowledgeable payroll specialists directly answer your call. We do so because we respect your time and understand that the best way to build relationships with our clients is to interact with them on a regular basis. Equally important, we do not regard your inquiries as an interruption to our day but rather the REASON FOR OUR DAY!

Furthermore, we process your payroll on the robust state-of-the-art MPAY software. In addition to a full array of service offerings, see our Services Tab for details, we enable you to get your payroll hours and changes to us via telephone, fax, e-mail, or our fully secure internet portal, Payentry.com. The choice is yours, as we want to make payroll processing as simple as possible for you.
Finally, we are the only significant payroll service in New Hampshire that is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. Click here to view our BBB profile. We look forward to being of service to you and demonstrating how our dedicated team does indeed deliver an unbeatable value with extraordinary service!


Del R. Aube ~ President
Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC