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Why you need help with your payroll tax calculations and payments.

Often time's small businesses make the mistake of thinking they can put off paying their payroll taxes with Net 30/60/90 terms like they do with other vendors. When doing so, they frequently do not realize that the IRS is the ONLY vendor that can assess and does COLLECT 10%+ penalties and interest for late payments. Such penalties can take a serious bite of your profits. Moreover, these penalties could have been used to invest in our services that would have enabled you to avoid them in the first place.

Furthermore, we understand how valuable your time is and that it is imperative for small business owners, like yourself, to focus on activities that help you grow your business. Our payroll processing and tax filing services will help you free up the necessary time by taking care of the wearisome task of paying payroll taxes in a timely fashion.

That is why upfront we electronically collect your payroll tax obligations and then electronically forward them to the IRS and any other appropriate government agencies, such as the various State Departments of Employment Training and/or Revenue. This allows you to insure that your payroll tax obligations are timely and in synch with your company's cash flow.

Our Tax Filing Service Includes:

At the end of each quarter Access's Tax Filing Service includes, at no additional cost, the following:

  • Calculation of federal, state and local taxes.
  • Payment of all employer and employee tax obligations.
  • Accurate preparation and timely filing of Form 941.
  • Accurate preparation and timely filing all appropriate state & local tax returns.
  • Employer copies of all tax forms – printed & accessible on-line.
  • Communication with appropriate taxation authorities for notice resolution.

At year-end in addition to the standard quarterly tax forms we also prepare & file in a timely fashion:

  • Forms W-2, 1099 along with the W-3 and 1096 Recap Forms.
  • Accurate preparation and filing of Form 940.

As is evident from this list, processing one's payroll is not simply a task of writing out a few payroll checks. In reality it is an exercise in making sure that your organization is compliant and timely with all government regulations pertaining to payroll. Staying up-to-date of these ever changing laws can be arduous and time consuming task. So why not let us help you?

Why Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC?

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals in our tax department, will keep you from ever having to worry about staying abreast of ever changing tax regulations, or lose sleep over due dates or late payments. That isour Tax filing Service is a payroll tax insurance policy in and of itself. More specifically, should our proficient tax department ever make an error with your payroll and related tax payments, we will pay the penalty; guaranteed. We think that you will agree that that is piece-of-mind that you can count on!

So why not let us help, so you can focus on your core business functions?

Taking advantage of our full tax filing services guarantees you will be always be in compliance. So, why risk unnecessary, hefty tax penalties? Why divert critical employee resources addressing ever changing federal and state payroll taxation issues when you could be investing those valuable resources into revenue generating functions like sales and shortening the aging cycle of your accounts receivable? Why wrestle with compliance requirements and the inevitable, erroneous tax notice from the IRS or state agencies?
Indeed enlisting the experts at Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC to help you with your payroll and related tax matter needs is just the solution you have been looking for. Let us help!

To set an appointment with one of our District Managers, please give us a call at (603) 621-5145 OR
e-mail Del R. Aube at


Tax Filing | Payment Options | Management Reports - Paperless Payroll - ESS | 125POP | New Hire Reporting | Workers' Comp. | Time Savings

Check Styles

  • Unsigned Client Owned Checks are micr­­­-encoded with your bank account and come to you simply needing your signature.
  • Signed Client Owned Payroll Checks are micr­­­-encoded with your bank account and come to you pre-signed with your signature laser imprinted onto the checks which are then sealed into a self­-contained envelope.
  • Central Checking: these payroll checks are drawn off of an account that we control, manage and reconcile and come to you signed and sealed in a self-contained envelope. This option is popular with clients who are looking to minimize time and expense spent reconciling monthly bank statements. More specifically, we debit one lump sum from your operating account to cover the entire net payroll. This means you only have one number, as it pertains to your employees' net pays, to account for when reconciling the account. It also enables you to maximize payroll confidentiality by precluding employees' net checks from appearing on your company's monthly bank statement.

All of these check options include employee paystubs that have current and YTD earnings, taxes and deductions.
If you choose, checks that are pre-signed can be mailed directly to your employees' homes OR sent to your business/preferred delivery location, i.e., business owner's home or P.O. Box: options that create flexibility while further enhancing confidentiality!

Direct Deposit

Employees can choose to have their net pay electronically deposited into one or more bank accounts of their choice.
Benefits of doing so include:

  • Time savings, as they no longer have to wait in bank lines to cash/deposit their pay.
  • Each payday, employees' net pays are accessible first thing in the morning via respective A.T.M. machines. This frees them up from having/wanting to run out to their bank on their lunch hour in order to get their pay deposited into their checking/savings accounts.
  • Not only is this convenient for them, but you the employer benefits by not having employees returning to work late due to standing in bank lines while waiting to cash their checks.
  • For the employer, it provides one lump sum deduction, each pay period, pertaining to all net pays that are direct deposited, which similar to central checking simplifies your monthly bank reconciliation.
  • This feature is available to all clients whether they utilize client owned checks or central checking.


Tax Filing | Payment Options | Management Reports - Paperless Payroll - ESS | 125POP | New Hire Reporting | Workers' Comp. | Time Savings

Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC has the most informative and easy-to-read reports that the industry has to offer. Click here to see samples of our Payroll Summary Report and Payroll Register. You will receive these two key reports each pay period. Most clients find these two reports meet the majority of their needs.

For those clients that need even more information, we have numerous optional reports to choose from. These reports include, but are not limited to, 401k reports, Paid-Time-Off/Vacation-Sick Accrual reports, deduction reports, vendor payment reports and Workers' Compensation reports. Workers' Comp reports can even be run for a fiscal year, e.g., June 1st to May 31st, enabling you to gather data tailored to your needs, whenever you need it. Furthermore, reports can be run dating back to when you first became a client.

Paperless Payroll

With paperless payroll all your management reports such as the payroll summary report, including cash requirements, and the payroll register are sent to you via e-mail in PDF format.

Employee Self Service – ESS

ESS is a FREE service whereby your employees can log in and view their information including:

  • Demographic and W-4 tax data, deductions such as health insurance, direct deposit accounts, vacation and sick accruals, and gross to net details on all their pay history.
  • Pay history can be shown by paycheck and printed; or can be viewed as aggregate totals on any desired date range.
    ESS can be either an addition to or a replacement for the traditional payroll voucher.

If you the employer are looking to save on payroll delivery fees you will want to take advantage of ESS and might consider saving even more by utilizing our Paperless Payroll option (see above).

Payroll Checks and Management Reports Delivery Options

Employee Self Service (ESS) and Paperless Payroll are offered by Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC at NO CHARGE!

You can take advantage of these FREE services AND save money by choosing option C or D.

Service Type Description Your Cost Savings



All checks, vouchers and payroll reports mailed to the address(es) of your choice



Traditional + ESS

All checks, vouchers and payroll reports mailed to the address(es) of your choice AND
ALL employees can view their paystubs and demographic data online at no charge



ESS + Reports

Only live checks and payroll reports are mailed to the address(es) of your choice while all employees, can view their paystubs and demographic data online at no charge

Postage reduced


ESS Paperless

Only live checks are mailed to the address(es) of your choice. ALL payroll reports are sent via email as PDF attachments.
ALL employees can view their paystubs and demographic data online at no charge

Postage significantly reduced.


Tax Filing | Payment Options | Management Reports - Paperless Payroll - ESS | 125POP | New Hire Reporting | Workers' Comp. | Time Savings

Is your company's plan compliant?

Help your employees take home a larger % of their gross pay.

Section 125 Premium Only Plans (P.O.P.) enables employers and their employees to classify certain employee premium deductions as pre-taxed, saving both the employee and employer on payroll taxes.

Plan documentation must be maintained by the employer and specific requirements and regulations of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code must be met for participation.

Plans must be written and specifically describe all benefits and establish rules for eligibility and elections.
The plan must meet certain non-discrimination tests in order to be compliant with code.

The penalty for non-compliance may include payment of penalties and interest for delinquent taxes and disallowance of deductions.

Do you have a plan? Has it been reviewed? If you have answered no to either, do not delay; call us today to get connected to our Section 125 P.O.P. professionals.

Call (603) 621-5145 and ask for Del.

Simple Example of how both employees and the employer benefit.
Employee Claiming S-0
Weekly Gross Wages $850.00 $850.00
Deduction(s) $75.00 $75.00
FICA $65.03 $59.29
Fed W/H $91.28 $80.50
NET PAY $618.69 $635.21
Employee Annual Savings $859.04
Employer Annual Savings (Match on FICA) $298.48


Tax Filing | Payment Options | Management Reports - Paperless Payroll - ESS | 125POP | New Hire Reporting | Workers' Comp. | Time Savings

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996

National new hire reporting system

The law established a Federal Case Registry and National Directory of New Hires to track delinquent parents across state lines. This law was part of 1996 Welfare Reform Act signed into law by President Clinton in 1996. It also requires that employers report all new hires to state agencies for transmittal of new hire information to the National Directory of New Hires. The law also expands and streamlines procedures for direct withholding of child support from wages.
Federal law requires every employer to report each new hire and rehire to a designated state agency, and requires all states to conform to a set of minimum standards for the information that must be reported:

  • Each new hire's name, address and Social Security Number
  • The given employer's name, address and federal employer identification number
  • The law does give each state the right to require employers to report additional information, such as the new hire's date of birth, state of hire, and any other pertinent information. States can select their own deadlines for reporting.

Failure to comply with these laws can lead to financial penalties and consequences. Clearly keeping up with state requirements and compliance guidelines can prove to be quite a burden on employers but it need not be since we are here to help!

The Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC Solution

Since we already maintain all the relevant employee data, we can automatically assist you with New Hire Reporting. Our compliance specialists do the work and keep you up to date with changing state statutes and filing deadlines. Allowing us to report your new hires to the appropriate government agencies on your behalf will save you substantial internal personnel costs.

Each week Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC systematically produces a New Hire Report that includes all new hires and rehires that occurred for that given week. We then forward these reports to the applicable state agencies. We do so in a timely fashion thereby keeping you compliant, i.e., penalty and worry free! This is just another example of how our services allow you to focus on working on your business, so that you can grow it, while we take care of time consuming/non-revenue generating details.


Tax Filing | Payment Options | Management Reports - Paperless Payroll - ESS | 125POP | New Hire Reporting | Workers' Comp. | Time Savings


Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC has partnered with The Hartford and Guard Insurance Group to provide our clients with as easy and systematic way to pay for their workers' compensation insurance.
A common concern of business owners is that they too often find themselves having to pay for a balance due at their year-end workers' comp audit and then also have to come up with their down payment for the upcoming year all within a matter of weeks of each other. The timing of these liabilities/payments can have a particularly adverse effect on one's cash-flow if it occurs during a businesses' slower business cycle. Pay-as-you-go solves this problem as premiums are calculated and subsequently electronically collected/paid each pay period. Correspondingly premiums tend to be higher when one's payroll is at its peak, i.e., peak sales cycles. This means you are paying for your premiums as you incur the expense and also at the times that you can most afford to pay for them.

Benefits Include:

  • Accurate premium calculation as you actually incur the expense – which means no longer having to estimate how much your payroll is going to be.
  • Full sales/service centers.
  • Insurance consultations with licensed insurance experts.
  • Year-end audits that will result in little to no balance/liability being due.

The Hartford, founded in 1810 has consistently been rated with a Financial Strength Rating of A and an issuer credit rating (ICR) of bbb+ by Am Best. (A.M. Best Company is the world's oldest and most authoritative insurance rating and information source). After 201 years in business, The Hartford widely recognized for its financial strength and stability¸ outstanding customer service, and overall operational excellence. The HARTFORD, with over 1 million small commercial policies in force, is one of the largest writers of Workers' Compensation. Click here for more information.

Little known fact: on the same day that Babe Ruth was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees, he purchased a "sickness policy" issued by the Hartford to protect his earnings if illness prevented him from playing.

The Hartford has a convenient tell-a-sales-center that enables you to quickly obtain a quote for your workers' compensation.

Guard Insurance Group's workers' compensation insurance premiums are paid for via payroll billing. In business since 1983, GUARD has a financial strength rating (FSR) of A++ superior and an issuer credit rating (ICR) of aa+ by A.M. Best Company.

The Guard markets and issues workers' compensation insurance through a network of insurance agents. So if you prefer to actually meet with an authorized local insurance agent in a face-to-face setting, a licensed Guard insurance agent will do so when gathering the information to give you a quote.

Focus on small to medium sized companies.



Tax Filing | Payment Options | Management Reports - Paperless Payroll - ESS | 125POP | New Hire Reporting | Workers' Comp. | Time Savings

Time-Management: The Art of Working On Your Business NOT In It!

Today's small business owners have more to do and less time to do it in than ever before. The most successful ones seem to understand that a key to building a successful business is spending your time wisely, i.e., focusing on responsibilities that actually grow your business. This means spending as much time as possible working ON the BUSINESS and not IN IT! Or more simply put, successful business owners identify tasks that can be outsourced and/or delegated and readily do so.

Many of Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC's clients have indicated that when they review their monthly/annual Profit & Loss Statements that our service fees are one of if not the smallest expense item incurred over the course of each month/year. Yet it is also a service that significantly reduces the time that they spend on their payroll and related tax matters with government agencies not to mention the related tax penalties associated with late depositing of their payroll taxes. Add it all up and you get:

Extraordinary Service + Time Savings + Tax Penalty Notice Savings + Minimal Cost = GREAT VALUE!

Why not let us help?